Deplorables 2.0

This is what they think of us. This is why we fight. This is why we will not back down.

We were so angry when we saw this video this morning.

Are you as angry as we are?!?

Yes, it is CNN, but it is unacceptable and wrong! Just like Hillary was wrong when she called us Deplorables.

Honestly, it is baffling that this is still going on after all that our President has accomplished with the America First agenda…but this isn’t just them mocking President Trump, it shows how much they hate you and me and all of his supporters.  They don’t even try and hide it anymore. This video shows how much hate and contempt for us seeps from their veins.

Look at what they are doing in this impeachment trial.


The worst part is that they have said they will do impeachment again if they don’t remove him remove office this time.


The only way to stop it is to Flip the House and Boot Pelosi out of the Speaker’s Chair…take the gavel from her hands.

Let me be clear, we are not trying to defeat Pelosi in her district. That would be a waste of time and money. But what we are focused on is flipping those 30 congressional seats that President Trump won in 2016 and are held by Democrats. In addition, there are other congressional seats that are competitive and Republicans can win.

The path to taking the gavel is through competitive congressional seats and those are our target.

As we announced last week, we are planning to kick off our Boot Pelosi tour from San Francisco on March 14th and travel 9593 miles from coast to coast.

But it isn’t going to happen if we don’t raise the money to pay for the tour and it is going to be expensive!

This is what we are looking at…

  • 9593 miles coast to coast
  • San Francisco to Miami
  • 29 Days Tour + Travel Days
  • 50+ Cities
  • 26 States
  • 47 Days to Kickoff

We must raise $50,000 today.

I know that is a lot, but this tour is going to cost a lot of money and no one else is doing this or anything close to this.

We need a war chest to make this happen or else we are going to be stuck with 5 more years of more impeachment shams and hoaxes. Our country cannot survive another year of this, let alone 5 years!

We cannot do this without you, so if you can give, we can make this so easy…

  • You can give any amount, even if it is from a business.
  • Our donors are not disclosed because we are a non-profit.
  • You can contribute via credit card, wire transfer or mail.

We need at least 1000 of our amazing supporters to give $50…or 50 supporters to give $1000.  Whatever you can afford, we will be so grateful.

Every dollar helps and every dollar will go to this tour.


Your support will help Flip the House and take the gavel from Pelosi. It is time to Boot Pelosi and make Don Lemon cry again!

Please MAIL your donation via USPS to our headquarters:
Women for America First
PO Box 72861
Marietta, GA 30007