Setting the Record Straight

We had a great event with the March for Trump on Thursday, October 17th at the US Capitol and across the country.

Some have wanted to focus on the bus situation to distract from what happened outside the Capitol, so we are going to set the record straight on the bus situation once and for all.

First, we are not funded by big donors, but by small dollar donations from the grassroots. We never had a donor funding the buses so we weren’t able to secure the buses weeks in advance. When we booked the buses, the people buying tickets on the buses were actually paying for the buses and we had to be a good steward of the money being spent for bus tickets.

This was always a last minute operation, as we announced the March for Trump less than 3 weeks prior to the scheduled date.

Our team contacted numerous bus companies to get the best pricing for the passengers. Some of the companies we contacted said they could not help because they did not have buses available. Once a bus company was decided upon, they knew this was a last minute operation. The bus company representative worked with us to consolidate and finalize the routes. They NEVER indicated this was a problem and in fact took $4452.00 payment the afternoon the bus routes were finalized.

If they were not able to do a last minute trip, then they should have told us that and should have never taken the money.

Instead, they took $4452 in payment and then asked for our Chairman, Amy Kremer’s drivers license and a copy of the credit card. We sent them a copy of the license and credit card at 6:51 PM.

From the first time we were told the card was declined, Amy called the bank and had them raise the daily spending limit. The transactions should have processed without a problem. Again, after the initial call with the bank, they claimed the card was declined.

Amy called the bank again to find out what the problem was and the bank explained there was no problem and the card should process without incident. The bank even contacted Visa to see if they had put a block on the card. There was no block on the card, not by the bank or by Visa.

Furthermore, the bank increased the daily spending limit to over $21K so that all the charges would process without incident.

The bus company claimed to be attempting to charge the card and said the card was being declined.

At the same time the bus company said they were attempting to run the card, we were also on the phone with the bank and the bank manager on duty said there were no charges being attempted by US Coachways. He explained that when a charge is attempted on a card and it is declined, the bank can see it on the back end of their system.

Amy spent hours on the phone with the bank and they stated numerous times that the bus company clearly was not charging the card. ( See call records)

At one point, we offered to do a wire transfer and the bus company declined the wire transfer as well. (See screenshot)

So, not only did US Coachways cancel buses that were reserved, they also canceled a bus that was paid in full.

Either they never planned to provide the buses, or once they received Amy’s drivers license, they decided they were not going to provide the buses.

Furthermore, at 9:21 PM that same evening, the company providing the sound and stage for the rally, ran the same exact card for over $8500 without a problem. (See receipt below.)

US Coachways refunded $3452 and the refund receipts are attached. Two other charges for $500 were not processed and dropped off the account.

All bus tickets were refunded to the passengers by Women for America First by Sunday, October 20, 2019.

On Monday, October 21st, the bank provided a letter regarding the the transactions with US Coachways. The bank verified there were no declined charges from US Coachways. (See letter below.)

We apologize to our supporters for this inconvenience. It was extremely upsetting to us, as it was to many of you and we want to set the record straight.

Since this incident, US Coachways has changed their story numerous times. Regardless of their latest claim, they were not an honest broker in business and we would never again consider using their services. Nor would we ever recommend their services based upon our experience.

People can decide for themselves what happened here, but most will agree, this is no way to do business.

The bottom line is that the March for Trump was a huge success and we will not let the efforts of anyone sabotage the great event to support our President. We look forward to holding more events to support POTUS in the weeks and months ahead.

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