Roswell, GA – Today, Women for America First endorses Congressman Mo Brooks in Alabama for US Senate.

Women for America First Chairwoman Amy Kremer said, “We are very proud to announce our support for Congressman Mo Brooks for U.S. Senate. Mo Brooks is a principled conservative with strong grassroots support. We know he’s the best candidate to represent the state of Alabama while working to Make America Great Again. He has a battle-tested record of being a conservative fighter. If elected, he will continue that work with other conservatives in the US Senate to defend our Constitutional rights.

“Illegal immigration and border security are a top priority for Congressman Brooks. He knows that secure borders are necessary for a sovereign nation. Until the borders are closed, crime will continue to rise, wages will fall or be suppressed for blue-collar workers, and fentanyl will continue to kill Americans.

“He has promised to put America and her citizens first by securing the border and stopping the flow of illegal immigration, human trafficking, and drug trafficking, making us a more secure nation for our citizens.

“Also, at a time when inflation is through the roof, gas prices are increasing, grocery store shelves are empty, and baby formula is scarce, Mo Brooks understands that Americans are a priority and will do all he can to make sure our needs take precedence over foreign nations, multinational corporations, and illegal immigrants.

“The American people are tired of the DC swamp. The same swamp dwellers are doing their best to stop the conservative ranks in the US senate from growing and now are spending millions on nasty attack ads against Mo Brooks. The attack ads are lies, and the people know this. It is simple – Mo Brooks is under attack because he won’t work for McConnell’s K Street lobbyist and big business agenda but will fight for the people who want to Make America Great Again.

“Mo Brooks has never shied away from a fight, and he won’t now. In 2017, he called for Mitch McConnell’s resignation when the effort to repeal and replace Obamacare failed under his leadership in the Senate. In 2020, he led the effort to focus on election integrity and contest the Electoral College.  That takes guts and courage and is exactly what we need in the Senate. We don’t need any more swamp monsters or friends of Mitch McConnell to do the bidding of corporate America. We need someone who will fight for the American people and do what is best for Alabama and Team America…that is Mo Brooks. He has been and will continue to be a strong ally for Americans and the America First agenda, and we are proud to stand with him,” Kremer concluded.

Founded in 2019, Women for America First, is the only national women’s organization focused on advancing the America First agenda, upholding the principles and values of putting America and her people first.

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