Amy Kremer

Co-Founder & Chairwoman, Women for America First

Amy Kremer is a Co-Founder and Chair for Women for America First and a former congressional candidate. She is one of the founders of the modern day tea party movement. She co-founded Tea Party Patriots and then went on to become the Chairman of Tea Party Express.

Under Amy’s leadership, Tea Party Express was involved in hundreds of races across the country including Congressional and Senatorial, as well as defeating the recall of Governor Scott Walker. In addition to electoral campaigns, Tea Party Express partnered with CNN for the first and only Tea Party Presidential debate. The Tea Party response to the State of the Union was a project of Tea Party Express as well.

Amy was one of the very first supporters of President Trump in the media and in 2016, she co-founded Women for Trump and Great America Pac, the largest grassroots organization in support of then-candidate, Donald J. Trump. She continues to be one of his most vocal supporters.

Through her leadership at Women for Trump, Angel families were present in the Rose Garden in February of 2019 when the President declared an emergency for border wall funding.

Women for Trump PAC was also instrumental in the election of Congressman Greg Murphy in the special election of NC-03.

Kremer attended Auburn University and is a former Delta Flight Attendant. She is a mom to one daughter and lives in the suburbs of Atlanta with her family.

Amy Kremer